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Detector Wire Guard Provides Physical Protection for Heat & Smoke Detectors


The Edwards 1206B Detector Wire Guard offers an attractive method of giving physical protection to many Edwards smoke and heat detectors. The guard is manufactured from sturdy welded 7 gauge wire and finished with a Zinc plating.

  • Plated finish

  • Low profile

  • Unobtrusive

  • Sturdy design

  • Does not obstruct view of detector's alarm LED

  • Easy installation

The detector guard will suit most detector locations where protection from impact is reuqired including gymnasiums and warehouses. The 1206B is not intended to offer tamper protection. After installation, the alarm LED on the protected detector is clearly visible.

It mounts over the detector, directly to any flat surface using three mounting screws. This guard will not mount over detectors which are installed onto surface mounted electrical boxes.


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